About Us

Endless 3dge is an American Luxury Athleisure Wear Brand who delivers unique and custom crafted garments designed for both women and men. Our uniquely, in-house cut and sewed garments bring comfortability with a casual wear rather you are out shopping, attending a day event, or enjoying a night out.
We were founded by lead designer and owner Will Walton to bring his own creative style to fashion with answering one simple question, what's missing?
With this question in mind Will let his fearless imagination begin to run. Unity amongst everyone despite culture, religious beliefs, or race, we want to provide everyday luxury apparel for everyone who’s looking for comfort and style. We want to continue to contribute to our communities by providing versatile career paths and opportunities within the fashion industry for under qualified individuals who carry a fearless imagination to create and just need an opportunity to showcase their abilities. We pride ourselves in rewarding those opportunities to those individuals throughout a multitude of cultures who share the same passion for fashion, art, and creativity.